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hoover 200m 4.5kg heavy duty washing machine overflows onto floor when fill?

my hoover 200m is about 20 years old its a top loaderand now the water does not shut off when filling the machine at the beginning of a wash has over flowed out of the top and over the floor I found a bit of flat metal bent like a lever?on the floor under the washing machine,shaped like an L with a vertical leg on the end of the L with a small screw in the end with remants of a broken white plastic something that the screw goes through??can any please help with advice on what the problem might be and how to fix it.thanks!

September 2017
The L shaped piece of metal is the out of balance lever, it has broken off. Machine will now not stop if the load is out of balance. Nothing to do with the overfill. First check the water valve is shutting off. Start the machine as normal. Let it fill for a few seconds then press timer in to stop the machine. The water flow should stop immediately. If slow to cut off or does not stop at all then change the inlet valve for a new one. Try it several times. If water flow stops okay then you probably have either a hole or split in the air pressure tube or a faulty pressure switch. You have to take the back panel off the machine to find the air pressure tube on the right, Inspect it for holes worn in it through rubbing on the body casing.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
September 2017

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