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Won't connect to internet tells me 'Off line' yet when I check its on line.
Then when it does decide to connect it can take up to a minute to connect and up to 45 secs to do anything like connect to email account and very slow connecting to any messages.

This doesn't happen on my Kindle Fie HD 3rd Generation or
my PC so it can't be slow internet.
I get some times message Can't connect or Off line when I know its not, proved by checking wifi and it says connected.
What could be causing this. Hudle 3yrs old so may be past sellby date and should bin it and get anotehr tablet.
Many thanks

August 2017
Thanks again Acp will try forum first.
God looks down on people in trouble and helps. I must be invisible.

August 2017
Th eonly other thing one cna suggest is to contact Tesco support - they certainly did have a reputation for being helpful.

Failing that one of the enthusiast sites may have people who can help:

One wonders whether Cyanogenmod, LineageOS or RemixOS are possibilities

Stop press - this may be worth following up:

August 2017
thank you Acp.
lollypop updated long time ago no problems until recent, 6.41gb internal memory & 21.59gb sd card (32GB).so not much on it.
I go to google play and sometimes connects most times times out saying no net connection yet I check its on. It will go in to the apps but as soon after selecting the app it times out with message no net connection even though i've checked prior to ensure its on.
I have done 9 factory resets for same reason slow, unresponsived and connections times out.

August 2017

has it had the Lollipop update? If so:

Nothing you couldn't have found yourself

August 2017


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