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A Samsung SM T 580?

I have 2. hotmail addresses one outlook address.
I am in the unfortunate position where I cannot exit mail addresses. There are no icons etc saying or indicating 'sign out' top right has only filter and magnify icon and +
above them is arrow in box pointing down and arrow circle format. the circle which contained my intial was wsy fo getting 'sign out ' but that's gone so just cannot get out.
NOTHING gives any 'sign out message'
Many thanks in anticipation.

March 2021
Yup, that was me too. I didn't mention the three cars I built over the years but since you mention motoring they were: Ranger, based on an Austin 1100; a Spartan, based on a Triumph Herald [full ground up engine rebuild. Went round corners like it was on rails too]; and a Carlton Commando, based on a Cortina MKIV Ghia).

Oh and add a "Swing Bin Racer" for the grand kiddies - G00gle it.

The computer stuff was foisted in me at work. It was waaaaaay before PCs (An Alphamicro and a handful of terminals). One terminal got dumped on my desk and I was told it was a case of get on with it and work out the problems. Didn't have any fancy self-help or forums then. What I learned helped later on though.

Yup. You learned to drive. And your understanding of vehicles helped. Me too.

March 2021
Good for you. I was laying bricks at 70 but now my frame doesnt bend lik it used to. I passed my driving test in car back in 1958 and 1966 started driving 30cwt lorry progressing to 7 ton lorry then 12 ton for GPO/BT I loved driving them, I had my own cars and motorcycles repaired them myself. stripped motorcycle engine BSA 500cc,. down to last nut and bolt. cleaned off the frame re sprayed , the fuel tank and mudguards were mirror finish. the engine re-bored and run in by using liquid chrome cleaner so I could take off at speed instead of having lapping in rings in situ driving slow. I stripped down two car engines and gearbox followed by differential ( back axle) renewing worn parts. Even did my own tyre punctures. four of vehicles I had are now collectables had nowhere to keep the so the were sold on. My interest internal combustion engine in vehicles. That's me computers just use for convenience, no interest what so ever in programming, or how they work. so I careless about the "age don't wash " comment, I just say to people "its your choice." so you like to learn computing,I learned how to rebuild vehicle engines, not anymore as vehicles need expensive special tools, so passed it on to a local garage.

Bob UK
March 2021
The age card won't wash. I'm 70 and perfectly happy to research, learn and use. It's an uphill road at times but I'm self-taught about things like IP addresses, basic Ethernet networking, Windows 98, XP, 7, 8.1 10, MS Office, Unix (A bit) and a tiny bit of Arduino coding.

My self teaching was just about good enough to take on a complex Excel based costing tool at my last employer before retirement, rebuild it into a usable form and have it become the de facto tool for system pricing across several company offices.

I repeat: 90% or more of that was self taught.

So, basically, you are asking what to do but without telling us what bit of software you are actually using or even if they're just web interfaces for Hotmail and Outlook, and not configured general purpose email clients or their dedicated apps.

I wasn't allowed to drive on the public highway until I passed a driving test, or call myself a TÜV FS Eng until I'd passed a 5 hour technical exam (which I did at 60).

I'm firmly of the opinion that similar should apply to using computers.

Sorry if that's not what you wanted to hear
March 2021
Haven't a clue Lògh set up by my son. all I know is they are hotmail/outlook. Techs over my head at 80.last time I messed all had to be reset.
Friend suggested looking at end of the folder list when in any of email addresses he said that's where his was when he lost the first name inital in circle on email page top right. If it will post.
thanks for your response. Logh.

March 2021
Why not install the dedicated Microsoft outlook client all on your tablet, to take care of your Outlook mail traffic? Just go to G00gle Play and search for "outlook for android app"

What client are you trying to use for your Hotmail accounts?

March 2021

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