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Samsung posted popup warning Samsung cloud is closing and all files /photos will be deleted. It gives opition of transferring to one drive but I want to put them on sd card then RW dvd/CD store my own backups. I have only seen phone access to S.S and I am bad hearing I want to know how to delete pop up card warning as its stopping me accessing images either through My Files or ss galery. thanks

Bob uk
March 2021
This assumes you have enough free space on your device.

Step 1 Restore data from Samsung Cloud

Turn on your Wi-Fi.
Swipe upwards on your Home Screen to open the Main Menu.
Tap the Settings icon.
Select Accounts and Backup.
Tap Samsung Cloud.
Tap Restore Data.
Wait until all the files are successfully restored

After that install Google Photos app
Enable the "Backup and Sync" option.
Once you enabled "Backup and Sync" option your Gallery photos and videos will be synced with Google Photos. Note: this might take some time.

If you can access your photos from a device that can have a CD/DVD drive or other removable storage connected, you can then store your photos locally.

March 2021
See here


March 2021


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