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No power getting to washing machine?

Hi...our washing machine { kelvinator pride 5.5 litre } simply doesn't display anything when switched on ?...just seems dead ?, like no power is getting to it ?.

August 2017
Why people think that the name on the front panel is the model number is beyond me. The correct model number will be on a label on the back of the machine. You may get better help if that model number is known. My guess is that because it is a fairly old model Fisher & Paykel smartdrive machine the control module will be damaged causing the loss of power.

Lincoln Appliance NZ
August 2017
Don't understand question marks at the end of sentences that aren't questions. Are you making statements or asking questions?

Check the plug is properly inserted and nothing has happened to it to make it loose.

Have you checked there is power coming out of the wall outlet? Maybe plug in a lamp.

If there IS power at the outlet, then check the cable and the plug. Are they damaged? If it is a rewire-able plug, is the cable secure?

If there isn't power at the outlet, check the breaker in the fuse box. If it has tripped you need to think about what made it trip. The favourite would be a heater fault but that isn't guaranteed.

Its then just a case of eliminating each link in the chain

August 2017

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