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Hoover optima washing machine is noisy in spin?

My machine is noisy in spin mode.What can
I do?

August 2017
If it is a loud mechanical noise like a tearing rattle, it's probably th edrum bearings have gone. Pig of a job, if yours is a machine it can be done on at all.

Assuming its front and back bearing, plus seal, you could be looking at £50-70 just for the bits, depending on model.

DIY means no warranty and the rest of the machine is old.

Probably simplest to get a new machine from a good supplier with a long warranty.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings





My experience of removing old drum bearings is that they will have disintegrated (hence the noise), meaning the two parts of the race must be driven out individually using a suitable drift and bashing the living crap out of the thing.

August 2017

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