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toshiba rdxv 60kb no power?

My Toshiba RDXV 60KB HDD/DVD/VHS recorder will not power on - was working fine then no power!

Tony Burton
January 2017
After many forum searches which basically were a waste of time as loads of answers seemed to beat around the bush I finally decided to try myself to find the problem, in my case the large capacitor which stores the dc voltage was faulty, the top was not raised and looked normal but I thought I would remove it from the board to check it correctly, it was then I noticed that the bottom inside of the cap was starting to crumble and was like black dirt, this cap was showing resistance when in circuit but once removed it was showing quite a difference in resistance, and when I replaced it with a new one I tried the recorder out of interest and it started to work as normal again so in my case it was the 2200UF 400V cap was faulty but not completely blown as per normal and causing the non power up situation I hope this helps or goes towards helping some other people with this issue as there seems to be not much helpful information on the forums for this power issue as to me just replacing the" power board " if you even get one is not really a solution

May 2017
Probably a power supply issue, judging from search results you could have found:

Reference the diode:

For capacitors, seek further advice,m e.g., from here:

January 2017

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