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Stopping fridge freezer from beeping?

Hi my Samsung cool and cool fridge freezer keeps beeping. I've seen the following instructions online in a number of places but wondered if anyone knows of any pictures or diagrams that tells you what each thing is. I've opened up the panel but don't know how to tell what all the different part are.


Turn electricity off and remove plug.
Remove panel at top of appliance by two screws and deforming plastic at top.
Disconnect plugs to Printed Circuit board assembly (that supports switches) making note of how to reconnect.
Remove this assembly from moulding.
(the light switch may be in the way so take this out first)
Remove metal switch board strengthener.
Remove long switch Printed Circuit Board from computer Printed circuit board.
You now have the switch and display assembly printed circuit board.
If you look VERY carefully at the side of the switches ( little square thing with button on top) then between the pins you will see little "silver" whiskers that look like a silver coloured lichen growth.
You need to carefully scratch this away with a sharp knife.
Ideally the switch needs desoldering to ensure it is clear of whiskers underneath as well.
Look at all the other switches to ensure another one is not about to give trouble as well.
Reassemble and hopefully all is now well.

July 2016
If you don't understand those simple instructions you need to leave well alone and get a competent techie friend to have a look.

July 2016

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