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dash camera?

SAME AS BOB UK SATNAV Prestigio 320 just run a trip
seven frames so have to make windows movie to make coninuous film of trip I want to keep.

Q; Is it possible to make one continuous film on the dash cam instead of several segments/frames.

i'm also told they can work with 64gb micro card to cover longer trips. I am touring 3 areas of France and using dash cam filming. Loop recording is no go, I ensure card is changed before 'card full' message and recording stops, by timing.
OK so not repair question but no harm in asking
thank you to all who took time reading and or replying

July 2016
very informative thank you I do have windows movie maker.

First will copy original clips/ images to external drive then run movie maker once I know copies are safe. still have originals in case lose or mess up.

July 2016
ONe long continuous movie is a liability. With smaller individual clips if yu loose one clip you have not lost the whole thing plus, it is a LOT easier to manage smaller files

Stick with shorter clips and just use Microsoft Movie Maker to edit the various clips together. Its a freebie in Windows 8 and 10. If you've not got it just get it from here:

Its pretty easy to use and you can tweak your raw footage to correct lighting, remove boring bits, add titles and captions and add transitions beteween scenes.

July 2016


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