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no catagory so using this one.

best memoy saving resolion on my prestigio 320.
1. 1080FDH 192X1080
2. 1080P 1440X1080
3. 720P 1280X720
4. WVGA 848X480
crrently use 3 and prodces several frames, around 1-4gb each
end up with six or so each trip.
which would produce continuousr one long frame / film for whole trip. micro card is max 32GB


Bob UK
July 2016
Many thanks lost manal green in use of computers.

A friend sent 3 messages to Prestigio using their online form three months now they are as useful as a chocolate tea pot for info but will go for manual.

Bob uk
July 2016
It seems you are asking which video fromat produces the smallest file sizes.

The simple answer is the one using the loweset resolution: 4. WVGA 848X480.

The degree of compression will also affect file size (and image quality). Higher comression gives a smaller file size but lower quality.

Page 5 of the manual tells you how much data is generated per hour. You DID try looking there, didn't you?

Manual here:$Customer_Support/Manuals/Car_video_recorders/RR320/PCDVRR320_MANUAL_EN.PDF

Page 5

See also page 3. You shouldn't have to worry about filling up the card. You can set Loop recording which lets you set the video duration (1, 3, 5 minutes or off) for loop recording. When the microSD card is full, the device will delete the oldest unlocked video file automatically.

July 2016


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