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how to fix a sony handycam DCR TRV255E?

my camera has fuzzy line running along the screen as if the tape head needs cleaning i have tried tape head cleaners 1 or2 in the past but ,they are not working now do i find a repairer or try a different cleaners. i just want to do the transfer of the videos over to disc or onto the hard drive most inportant, before i start filming again

March 2016
I opened the tape compartment and used some swabs with isopropyl alcohol to manually clean the heads (round silver part that spins in contact with the tape), plus a can of compressed air. Took several goes but got the head cleaned so I could digitize my old 8mm tapes. Good luck.

June 2016
Instead of getting san expensive repair, why not get a new hard disk or SDCard based video camera and, if the camera is not up to playing tapes properly, have the relevant bits of your existing tapes transferred to electronic format.

March 2016

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