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Recovered email?

What would cause the loss of the message in a recovered email that's been in 'Delete' folder for one week. All that remains is the sender, senders address , recipient (me) the usual warning at bottom of emails . Message Gone!!!!.. (.hotmail account ). Just curious fortunate not important.

Thank you*
*It seems the days have gone when people showed their appretiation by using those two words. Like the lady on a bus, I got up to offer my seat. Response was 'I should think so too. ' I sat down leaving her to stand to enjoyment of other passengers who were supprised at her response..

June 2016
As Hotmail is a free web mail service, it's not surprising.
If you accidentally delete a message, you typically have only 1 or 2 day to recover it in it's totality.
After that time, any attachment, then the body of deleted messages are automatically suppressed to free up server space.
This apply to all free web based mail accounts.

If you have a paid web mail, you may have over a month, or until you empty your trash/deleted mail folder.

June 2016
I do not know the answer to your question but you neglect to say the specific mail utility / application you use for e-mail - the mail client. It might be important.

There are reports of similar things happening with Microsoft Outlook.

There is no need to thank me.

Good Luck...
June 2016

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