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MDT Lawnflite 548 wont start ?

when you turn the key nothing happens not even a click. The battery is fully charged and the connection is good, this have been tested with a meter. What else could it be, having searched the net I'm thinking it might be the solenoid but I've really no idea. I read someone suggested hitting it with a hammer but I don't know where i would find it, I know its on the red cable from the battery but is it near the battery or in the engine area.


May 2016
Check grass box micro switch and parking brake switch

Big red one
May 2016
A starter motor takes a very high current and needs a very robust switch to handle it - the starter solenoid. A small wire activates the solenoid switch which delivers the big current to the starter motor - the big red wire will run to the starter solenoid and from there to the starter itself - in the engine area.

If you hear no click from the starter solenoid it might be defective - the wire that activates it may have come adrift or be broken - the switch that asks for it all to begin may be defective - there may be no power arriving at the switch to be sent out - a fuse may have blown.

You suggest that you have a meter so get checking. A good place to begin is at the starter solenoid - not the big cable but the control wire.

Just follow the big cable - it will only go to one place - the starter solenoid - always close to the starter motor itself.

The hammer idea is not sensible - hammers tend to break things - not mend them.

I have no special experience to offer these suggestions.

Good Luck...
May 2016


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