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Lawnflite 908LA grass cutter blades stopped?

Hi, I have a fairly new 908LA tractor mower. Today whilst mowing I engaged the blades as usual and nothing happened. There may have been a small noise as if something broke/snapped as I moved the lever to engage the blades. I can see the cable hasn't snapped and still pulls some sort of mechanism back near the cutting deck. I have looked in the manual that came with the mower, but there is nothing about the blades on the troubleshooting page. Is there a belt that could have snapped? Any ideas would be welcome. I haven't attempted to tip the machine over to look underneath yet. Is tipping it on it's side OK?

July 2010
Check if the blades are jammed and wont turn say about 30 degrees each way. If so then use a 24mm socket wrench and heave on the offending blade to free it. The mower should then work but you may need to replace the bottom blade spindle bearings in the near future.

November 2010
Many thanks Husqvarna man. I found the belt had jumped off one of the pulleys. Goodness knows how, as it was difficult to squeeze it back around the bits of metal designed to keep it in place! The belt does seem very loose when not engaged, but obviously tight enough to drive the cutters when engaged. I couldn't see any belt tightening mechanism Is there one?
Thanks again,

July 2010
Yes there will be a belt from the engine to the cutter deck, it sounds like it has come off the pulleys or has broken, the mechanism you can see moving either tightens or slackens the belt to create a clutch, tipping the mower is not a good idea, fuel leaks, oil leaks, battary acid leaks, if you have a set of car ramps drive it up onto those.

Husqvarna man
July 2010


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