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How can i fix my Hoover Nextra washer/dryer?

The Water isnt heating on any wash cycle. Also the tumble dryer isn't even getting warm . Everything else is working fine.

May 2016
Unplug the machine,remove the top and back panel,lay the plug on the floor so you know your safe from electric the back of mch at the bottom above the motor to the right a bit is the wash heater wires that attach to the internal heater are they connected properley ?if not thats the problem.also they should have reading of 27 -45 ohms if it does not have this reading replace it by un screwing the 10 mm securing nut right off and push the screw thread back in the drum and lever the old heater out around the edges ,wd 40 helps it come out,then take it to washer shop for testing the electrical readings for low insulation etc.
fitting the new heater is easy just make sure nut is tight or it will leak.
on top of mch are one or two thermostats with push button on them,press them and if they click,you have reset them so dryer will work again,also check all wires are connected on top heater chamber,they can brake off during repeated spin cycles.If they pop up again condenser plastic bottle will need cleaning out or fluff/lint etc.

May 2016

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