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Renault master fuel problem?

cdc, thanks for replying, it does run fine, its just on start up hot or cold, just had new glow plugs because the dashboard light for these was staying on all the time, its now reset and clear. the van will start up every time but when its playing up the revs will slowly drop and the engine will stop after about 10-15 seconds, its very hard to re-start at this stage, this when i can see an empty fuel line (just air) between the filter and engine, squeezing the primer bulb about 10 times will re-fill most of the line and the engine will start on the second try. Thanks again.

April 2016
thanks cdc, will go for a new filter first.

April 2016
It does sound as if it is drawing air, the only advice I can give is to double check all your fuel lines and connections,it may be worth renewing your filter and the seal that is supplied with it,if they haven't been done for a while have seen that seal go hard and inflexible,would also check the tank is venting properly too,hope you have some success.

April 2016

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