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lack of power to climb inclines?

Had a new automatic gearbox fitted, drives great on the flat roads but loses power when it has to climb any slight gradients; WHY? Had it checked out by Iveco's [they say it's the diesel fuel pump] that is clogged and needs changing. My vehicle is a Iveco Daily 35.10 Turbo Diesel Automatic 1995. Engine 2.5CC. PLEASE ! can you help in any way. Thank you kindly.

Ashley Robinson
April 2016
It is very difficult to say what your problem is but I would think if your workshop suspects the fuel pump then they must have very good reason to replace it as it will probably be quite an expensive bill they will give you. Ask them what fault codes they came up with. If the motor is running ok otherwise then without seeing what is on a code reader then the first place I would look would be your intake system and check for splits in hoses/intercooler connections etc and also the turbo itself for wear/play, did have one of these a long time ago and the turbo waste gate itself was seized, other than that you will have to ask your garage what the best way forward is. Good luck.

April 2016


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