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How best to fix (or buy another??) Sony Digital 8 camcorder, DCR-TRV140E ?

My Sony DIgital 8 Handycam is showing error message C:31:23 (meaning take to SOny repair centre). Has anyone any knowledge of this error message and the feasiblity of cost of repair, or whether to best just buy another? AM in the middle of downloading all my videos and this is very frustrating!!

Christine R
April 2010
Hope by now you got your camera working but if not you should try googling your Sony error code. There are several sites that go into great detail on how to repair this problem. The most common way is a firm couple of slaps on the side of the camcorder to reset one of the wheels. I have to do this occasionally to my camera and it always works after a couple of smacks! Good Luck

January 2011


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