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Injector warning light always red?

On a minibus taxi iveco A43.13 euro 3 power daily,injector warning light stays on always and the engine hesitates when I drive over speed bumps and uneven road.I have to get my foot off the accelerator pedal and accelerate again,then the bus operates normal again.No fault code on the fault detecting instrument.It has been operating like that for 12 months now.Any help regarding this?

August 2015
If you were using a general purpose code reader then it may need to go onto the designated computer for Ivecos to access your ECU

August 2015
Sounds like there may be an electrical conneciton problem. Make sure all connections are clean and all connectors pushed fully home.

You may be able to find the problem by gently tapping each connection with a screwdriver handle when the engine is running (BUT BE CAREFUL OF MOVING PARTS!!!!)

August 2015

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