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How can I fix my Bosch charger AL3640CV?

Hi. I got this charger from a friend but unfortunately not working. I checked the fuses and one had to replace (the internal) None LED goes out when it is plugged in. Where should I start? I have an electric meter but do not know where to start.

June 2015
If the internal fuse has blown then a fault - broken component - will have been the cause. A transistor perhaps - maybe a diode or capacitor - unlikely to be a resistor but you never know. Maybe even a transformer.

With the meter handy you will have to take pot luck testing components one at a time as you go.

You may find videos on youTube that show you the basics - components soldered in-circuit will nearly always give different test meter-results than out of circuit - you may have to unsolder any suspect parts to be sure.

A new charger will cost about £45 - was your friend being generous to you when he gave you the charger or was it a disposal exercise for him?

Good luck...
June 2015

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