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Epson stylus DX8400 crap?

Was given to me by brother in law I change the magenta two days ago now changed the cyan.
Please Read on
Ink status showed cyan out of ink by red x so I changed it closed down the scanner carriage and started the print mode. Then went for a pee came back and the on printer screen message said paper jam. None jammed in printer sheet set for the print still in place. Now the printer screen says 'A printer error has occurred, Turn off the printer, then press on button to turn on, See documentation....why? the frigging button say ON so why the need.
Go through manual suggestion nothing still comes up with same message the print makes usual noises when turned back on but the print head(cartridge holder) does not move I wanted to check the cartridge replaced. Any suggestions before I smash it up and put it in the bin after wasting £32 on new cartridges.
Many thanks for your time reading. If no solutions? then tell me what size hammer to use.

Bob 'Pissed off' UK
May 2015


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