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What sequence is the wire to the main inbound plug?

How do I wire a new single master socket idc

April 2015
First off you should not be meddling with the Master Socket. If you screw it up expect a (large) bill from Openreach.

There are only two incoming wires, A & B. IIRC connect the wires with -50v DC to B and the one with 0v DC to A.

If you are wring an extension to a Master socket, connect the Blue and White wire to connector 2 and the White and Blue wire to connector 5. Connect NO OTHER wires. they are not needed and can affect ADSL (Broadband) speed.

May 2015
I assume you are talking about a telephone socket, but your post really doesn't give much of a clue.

I THINK you want to wire a telephone extension socket.

April 2015

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