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How to repair on/off switch on Kenmore cannister Vacuum cleaner?

How can I get vacuum apart to gain access to the power switch on Sears Kenmore cannister vacuum cleaner Model

Art Papin
December 2006
On kenmore canister Vacs there are two type of power switches. There are those on the cannisters themselves and those on the handle. Access on the handle is achieved by dissassembling the handle itself. Check the wiring harness because, it may be the wiring harness is shorted. The one on the cannister (If the symbol on the cannister button is a Cord Plug and not a 1 in a circle, It's on the handle,) can be accessed by taking the bag lid off and removing the 4 screws, The switch snaps in to the housing cover.

Alexander 24, Maryland
December 2006

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