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LAMONA Range Cooker HJA5110, large oven won't heat up, light and motor run?

Hi, the large oven doesn't heat up , the motor and light are on but it isn't heating up , only used a couple of times but stored in the shed for over 12 months before fitting the kitchen so out of guarantee, (typical builders house) now the Mrs is threatening to buy another cooker unless i get it fixed for christmas, any help would be great , thanks

Andy Partridge
November 2014
Andy did u get this sorted as mine has now done the same thing???

January 2016
thanks for reply Kenjo, is the thermostat light the red light that comes on when you turn the dial, it is located about an inch away , thanks, Andy

November 2014
If thermostat light is on, the element behind he backplate in the oven is faulty. if the thermostat light is not on, thermostat is faulty.

November 2014
yes, thanks for reply, clock is set, fan and light are on but no heat.

andy partridge
November 2014
Have you set the clock?

Mary Berry
November 2014


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