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How can I fix my Lamona Range 5110 oven?

My right hand side oven is not heating.The left hand one is fine.All fans lights and ignitions are all working.My husband wants to buy a new heating element,but would like your advice before he does so.

August 2014
if the element is not heating up right, its not working right, it cant be fixed, you have to replace it with one of the same size shape and power rateing, you have to remove it, and take it to a hardwear store, and get a new one, you have to take the back off the cooker to get at it, its has two screws holding it in place , and 3 powers going to it, take a photo of them so you will know how to replace them on the new one, its not hard to do once you get to the old element, have NO POWER going to the cooker when your woking on it , not sure of the price of the element 50 pounds??

August 2014


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