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Loss of power in Mercedes sprinter 313?

Hi I have loss of power in my 2010 Mercedes Sprinter 313, The engine management light is flashing as well. It has been to the garage and had a diagnostic test which gave a code relating to the Throttle Flap which has been cleaned and so has the Manifold and I have also changed the air filter which was full of crap even though it was changed just over 8k mileage ago. Even after having the parts cleaned it still runs in limp mode with light flashing with the same code. The van has been checked now by different garages yet no clue to why it doesn't rectify its problems. I have the van serviced every 12k and its only done 76k any help would be very grateful.


June 2014
I ran into this issue today. Turns out I was lucky enough to have run into this problem a few times in the past although the code that was present on this particular sprinter was different to the previouse sprinter. But related still to an intake problem. So I replaced the throttle switch or sender and then had the vehicle sent to mercedes to have the code cleared. I beleive that the problem u have is the same. But after replacement of throttle switch the vehicles ecu will need resetting by dealership to disableecu limp mode.

weapon automotive
September 2015
It is very difficult to determine what your problem is considering other garages have failed to cure your problem,if the fault is still on a code reader after repair and deletion then the fault must be present,if the fault is in relation to the throttle flap it does not mean the fault lies solely with that item and could be related to various items which work in conjunction with the intake system ie. throttle pedal,air flow meter etc,sometimes these faults are a nightmare to sort out and I think it will take someone with good knowledge of these motors and the correct computer for a look at live data and even possibly a wiring diagram with the correct voltages etc required at the various sensors/connectors,also the wiring looms in and around the engine compartment for chaffing/broken wires etc,good luck

June 2014

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