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Radiant control 1988 sunbeam toaster?

My 1988 toaster works fine BUT the radiant control slide is at the absolute minimum and is still sometimes too dark. I know there is a secondary adjustment but under the handle at the end all I can see is a hex head bolt with what looks like an Allen key centre.... Is this the secondary adjustment?

May 2014
There is a secondary adjusting screw under the radiant adjustment knob. The adjustment knob only allows about 180 degrees of adjustment left and right. Pull the knob out and off. You should see an adjustment screw on the knobs shaft. The secondary adjustment screw now allows full turn adjustments left and right. Turn screw left or right in small increments to fine tune. When satisfied with the adjustment, insert knob back onto stem. Knob does not pull off on the VT60 model that uses a push button to lower toast.

F. Recca
August 2020

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