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How can I fix toaster control?

Sunbeam Toaster, Model T 20B (circa 1955 does not come on anymore. I have been using it daily, but itsuddenly stopped. It did come on once, burned the toast to a crisp and now does not work at all. I have used it through 5 children, 57 years of marriage and just love the darned thing! Can you help, or tell me where to go to have it repaired, if possible?

May 2012
no! SD

it is worth fixing it at all cost the old toasters are meant to be repaired the the new aren't tho

December 2020
Sunbeam is a great, old toaster, As you have probably extended the Light Vs Dark scale- now try the pop up adjustment, Turn it upside down, and it is in the center of the crumb tray, Go slow- 1/4 turn at a time

May 2012
Toasters are unfortunately replacable items. Will cost a lot more to repair, than a new one. It is down to this throw away society

May 2012

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