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Hoover Condenser VHC691B Tumble dryer?

All the lights on the front of the machine keep flashing and the heat has stopped in the dryer. I was advised it was the element and thermostat, but have bought a new one and the problem is still there. Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. Thank you in advance.

April 2014
Had the same issue. In my case the Heater relay on the control PC had failed. If you can use a soldering iron you can change just the relay. New relay from maplins £2.99 ( 12V DC 20A SPDT Relay) you need to cut off the normally closed pins . Otherwise its a controller assy £70.00.

Relay is in front of the Heater socket that takes the cables to the heater assy. If you have no mains Voltage at the heater, then its likely to be the relay.

Bob Watson
January 2017
hi the dryer does not start. the start light is on but hums on pressing. i took the top off - cannot take the side panels as they are moulded and pushed the drum with started to turn and then stopped on rotation. can anyone help me fix this machine?

October 2014

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