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Epson Stylus R340, Error: A printer error occurred. Please see your manual?


I googled this topic, and I found someone else with the same [unanswered] question here, so I am going to post this to see if anyone else has a remedy.

As stated above, the error is, "Error: A printer error occurred. Please see your manual."

I have turned it off twice, and both times the cartridge container stops probably 85% through the start-up cycle. I can move it around and open it, but nothing seems to be askew from my pov.

I am shortly going to remove the cartridges I just put in there, and I had inserted two others about an hour ago. The other two...just a matter of weeks ago if that.

Anybody's 02¢ will be MUCH appreciated!!

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» Okay...DISREGARD!! «

I removed the two cartridges I had just put in, and turned it off. Turned it back on, and now it seems like it is going to work as paper is rolling, and cartridges are moving!

January 2014

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