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Has any body been successful in resolving the Amstra e-mailer issue?

Regarding the Amstrad e-mailer telephone. I contacted SKYBSKY S They acquired part of Amstrad business in 2011. After several e-mail exchanges I was toldt hat they could not help me to resolve my e-mailer hick-up as I did not and do not have a contractwith SKYBSky .

October 2013
I have just bought a amstrad plus emailer brand new in a box, a elder lady was given it as a christmas present some years ago.
its been sitting in the box for years . So her daughter sold it to me . i had an emailer years ago but it pack up back in 2010. I love it so i bought this emailer plus only to find out , i can register it as sky not intrested amstrad was sold to sky. can i down load anything DATA WISE from the net ro get it working. its a emailer plus model no psu-em2001 , i really love it please is there any help out there

July 2014


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