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How do I get my TV to start up normally wihout being forced to retune?

Philips flat screen TV 26FPL5522 D/05

My TV above will not start up unless I do an automatic retune which takes at least 5 minutes. When I switch on the page demanding the retune is there and I cannot find a way of bypassing it.

If I switch off for a few seconds it will restart normally most times.

I suspect that there is a battery in there somewhere that will not hold its charge for more than a minute or so.

Has anyone else had this problem. The set is hardly used but it is a few years old.


Dave Smith
August 2013
It may be that your TV is set up for analog (ATV) rather than digital (DTV) input - and each time you turn it on it can't see any alalog signals (because analog transmission has all gone away) but the set doesn't know this and asks for a retune

Look to the set's source or input setting - make sure it's set to Digital TV.

Good luck...

August 2013


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