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Brother Printer problem?

I have a Brother DCP-J125 all in one printer and am trying to print on 220gsm paper but the sheets keep on jamming. The book states this weight will be accepted so why are they jamming?
I have tried all sorts of combinations, loading a bank on its own, loading one sheet at a time, one sheet on top of a bank of paper but they won't go through.
I have managed to print two sheets out of at least a dozen attempts
Can anybody out there help me please?

July 2013
Thanks very much. I changed the setting to 'any other glossy' and it works a treat, no more jamming.

July 2013
The user guide is here

Chapter 2 page 14 discusses Paper Settings Paper type

You may have to set paper type BP61 or BP71

Good luck...

July 2013


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