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how can i fix my epson stylus sx435w printer?

when i turn on my epson stylus sx435w i get a whirring noise then an error message e-02. the printer has been hardly used, i have had it just over a year. i do not know what i can do or will i buy another? they only cost around £45. it`s not worth paying £25 to get the problem sorted.

June 2013
screen change color for red all light flashing camen errow

December 2013
Any ink jet printer will degrade over time when NOT used after having been used at all.
Check your ink level. It may have dried.
Also, the printing nozzle can get obstructed by residual dried ink.
The solution could be as simple as changing the ink cartridges by fresh ones, as the nozzles are often built into the cartridges.

June 2013


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