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what is the right mixture petrol/oil for a gardenline petrol chainsaw?

chainsaw wont start and it seems to be the problem with the oil, only a guess but everything else seems to be ok,

May 2013
I agree with the the first comment. It is the quality of the oil you are using that dictates how it is diluted. Handbooks give a ratio- especially supermarket type machines, which tends to be either 25:1 40:1 or 50:1. This is very dangerous as they cannot know exactly what type and quality of oil the end user is intending to use. Modern oils tend to be either semi or fully synthetic which means they give better protection than the old mineral oils, with less oil used in the mix which did require more to give protections, so generally 25:1 or maybe even 40:1 was the norm.

Always consult the recommended dilution ratio that will be clearly marked on the bottle of oil you are using. Avoid using cheap old style 2-stroke oil purchased from the sheds as generally they don't have any ratio marked on the bottle, and if you use an oil that is cheap with a 25;1 dilution ratio and you mix it at a 40:1 ratio then you will seriously under-oil your engine.

May 2013
Ignore this idiot below :

40:1 mix ratio and I would be happy to send you a photo copy of the manual if you leave your details.

e manno
May 2013
There is no such thing as "right mixture petrol/oil for a gardenline petrol chainsaw" as such. The correct petrol/oil mix is down to the oil. That ration will be on the oil container.

May 2013


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