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problem with Toshiba DVR19DTKB2?

I have a Toshiba DVR19DTKB2 and am having problems viewing freeview although I can view video and dvd. It seems as if it is not recognising the freeview channels and it won't even allow me to do another channel search. By unplugging the aerial from the dvd when the tv is on, it loses the picture so I know that wiring is okay. It seems to be something in the setup which is confusing me because it won't let me auto or manual search. It was all working before my mother used the remote and there's nothing in the manual. On the DVR display it is showing 90 but cannot change this unless watch a video but it always returns

February 2013
starts formating stops then says cannot record on this disc .new disc .

October 2021
machine records on the dvd ok but then the dvd goes blank ??? very strange

p jarvis
July 2016
DVD working ok on machine. VCR not working turns on for a few seconds then stops and turns the machine off. Tried FWD & REV a number of times without resolts

Jim Briscoe
September 2013
Hi, I have had similar problems. I just removed the mains lead from the back of the box and then plug it back in, let the box reboot and you should be sorted.

February 2013


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