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hinari steam generator wont produce steam?

hi guys my hinari steam generator i noticed the last time i used it, it didnt reall use alot of water when i turned it on again went on ok pressed the button for the steam it made its usual noise of the pump trying to work but nothing then all of a sudden the steam blew out of the base scaring the bejesus out me, is it buggered? can someone help please!!!!!

January 2013
I have a problem with my Hinari 2300w steam generator iron, the steam cuts off after a minute - minute and a half. I rang Hinari on 0161 621 6900, the first time I was told to replace the anti calc filter which I did. The problem was still there. So I rang back and the lady was lovely I've had the iron 19 month so was no longer under warrenty (under 14 month and you're laughing). The lady told me to pump the steam switch incase of an air block, which I did on temp setting min, seemed to work when i held it down so I thought I'd do the self clean while I was messing about with it, as soon as i put it onto max temp it cut out again. The lady said if this didn't work as i live in a very hard water area to descale it. So I am doing that now, fingers crossed it works!!
The lady said as it's no longer under warrenty all she could do for me was give me a discounted replacement iron and refund the cost of the replacement filter I had bought. so if none of these methods are no good to you ring them you never know what they may be able to do for you :D

January 2013

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