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Mend Household Appliances, Steam Irons

I have a Hinari steam generator iron which heats up but no steam,can you ?

please tell me whats wrong, I've only have it about 18 months

August 2012
when the iron ask you to push what button does it mean you have to push, also the iron is not heating up at all

B McGrenaghan
December 2012
gave answer on live chat but here it is again.if there is click sound when trigger on iron is pressed but nothing happens,it is possible that pressure pump is clogged up with dirt.other problem could be that thermostat cut out before temp is reached but then you will find there is little heat only.if you feel adventourus you can remove pipes on pump to see if any water pass thru when solenoid on pump is activated.hope all make little sense

August 2012

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