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How can I fix my Hinari Steam Generator Iron Model HINOO1?

When I switch on the iron every thing seems to work it make a noise and the steam comes on then after a couple of minutes the steam goes off and I get the standby flashing I have changed the anti-calc filter. If I leave it to cool the same thing happens.

Edwin Forrest
January 2012
I think the same is happening to mine, it goes into Standby and the steam no longer is generated. Try pressing the LHS steam generator button and reduce to medium steam level, this works for me. We have had it a 4 or 5 years, only cost ~£40 (cheap but OK for the price). Time to replace rather then fix I feel, you can get a new latest model Hinari for £50 on Amazon. There are no user-servicable parts. Phone customer services for further advice 0161 621 6900

Dave Kershaw
January 2012

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