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Help needed! Mercedes Sprinter 311CDI Sprintshift hydraulic/gearbox oil cha?

Hi, I've got 2005 Mercedes Sprinter 311 CDI sprintshift model, I'm having problem with hydraulic pump and going to remove it by myself, I just wana know that is there only one oil for gearbox and hydraulic pump or separate oil for gearbox and separate oil for hydraulic pump, could some one please tell me how to change hydraulic pump/gearbox oil? also do I need to bleed it after refitting the hydraulic pump and what's the procedure to bleed it?
Help would be much appreciated.


December 2012
Hydraulic oil is CHF 11 S (green in color} it is used in a number of other vehicles with semi auto boxes or DSG gearboxes I used OE spec from FEB Bilstien. and the system takes 500ml. Pentosin is another brand that can be used.

Eric Stone
January 2018
Did you fix it yet?
There is 2 types of oil for the box, 1 is for the regular part of the gear box, the second is the hydraulic oil for the pump, the hydraulic oil is from mercedes, not cheap, but if you use an alternative oil it will make matters worse, Ive seen mention of the relay under the drivers seat having an effect on the pump running as well, this runs when the door is opened to prime the automatic hydraulics for the gear box. Ive got the same issue, change the oil first too see if thats a quick fix, or else its towed too mercedes too get the computor onto it to trace the fault, mine wont go into gear after jumping out of gear on take off, it was a progresive fault, now it wont go at all.

January 2013

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