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steering problem with nissan primastar?

i have a nissan primastar 05..the steering was pulling a little so i had it lazer tracked and it was worse, the garage have since done it 4 times and say it keeps pulling after they test it? and its pulling now worse than before. the tyres are new and have been balanced. any ideas what it can be??



December 2012
use a better garage mate,was an abvious fault ,very simple to fix

December 2012
i think you have nailed it near side shock needs replacing and thats the side its pulling towards!

its so annoying i have to come on here and faul find myself surely the garages should know..they tracked it 4 times and dont know the problem!! makes me wonder!!

cheers Kualinar

December 2012
Check the air pressure in all your tires. It can realy wreak havock with your steering and handling. It also increase your gas consumption and cause the tires to wear out much faster.
An air gauge can be bought for prety cheap and can save you a lot of gas and prolong your tires life.

It may sound dumb, but check your load lateral balance. If you have to much load on a side, any vehicle will pull to that side.

Next, make sure that your shocks are working properly. If a shock need changing, change both of the same axel to keep things balanced.

Also, when you ask for an alignment, most garages don't check if the springs are OK. Maybe you have a faulty spring. If so, change them as a pair.

December 2012


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