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iveco daily 2.8 wont start in morning?

its a 02 50c11 2.8 it will not start in the mornig not even with easy start local garage have replaced all diesel lines ,filter houseing , filters, low pressure pump, fuel regulator at the back of the pump, what is strange they said is if they remove the fuel regulator and put the old one back on it starts, but next morning it wont start , but if the put the other one back on again it starts ,frustrateing as i have to keep swoping them over all the time to get it going, it starts ok all day when its warm or hot,but dose struggle after 3 hours standing please help thank you for any help jake

November 2012
hi, tried this , pump been changed and pipes no difference, thanks for your help but still the same

December 2012
is the fuel pump in n/s chassis rail ok?and are you sure that there isnt an air leak in fuel system?

November 2012
Don't know the answer to the problem sorry, but try asking on the forum link below, I have had a lot of help from them.

Steve Porter
November 2012


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