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electrolux intensity wont turn on?

I am told there is a micro switch for this vacuum but not where it is located it is supposed to turn off the vacuum when overloaded and when it cools down the vacuum is supposed to work but thats not happening does anybody know where on the vacuum this switch is located

November 2012
They often have a safety cut-out switch to stop the machine if the motor gets too hot - obviously this switch is mounted on or close to the motor itself.

I am unaware of the need to have any other switch other than for on/off.

Your machine's overheat switch may have operated and not reset itself - but I doubt it...

The most common fault with vacuum cleaners is a broken conductor inside the power cord - where the cord bends at the plug or where it bends going into the machine - enthusiastic tugging over an extended period is the cause.

Try cutting six inches or so off the power cord and fitting a new plug - this has fixed 75% of the cleaners I've repaired.

Good luck...

November 2012


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