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change time casio waveceptor?

how do i get casio waveceptor model wva 105h to change to winter time as it is still showing winter time..
john harris

john harris
November 2006
The great thing about Wavecepter watches is that they keep the correct time without setting them. This gets screwed up when the time changes spring and fall. The best is to have 2 watches, one set to spring and the other to fall time periods. Then just wear whatever one is correct at the moment. Failing that, you could just put it aside until the time changes back again, then start wearing it again. If you cant fix the time with a signal automaticlly, you might as well forget it. I downloaded the manual for mine online and it is so frustrating. It gives instructions such as from the recieve mode press this button that many times, then this button this many times, but nowhere will it tell you how to enter the blankity blank recieve mode, so that you can start the outlined proceedure. Like telling you how to get from Detroit to Denver, but never telling you how to get to Detroit if you currently are somewhere else!

March 2010


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