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Casio TS-1200 Thermometer day of month format?

Like Bentrods in 2007, I just had my watch battery replaced. I can't get it to go to the proper day of the month in the date function. It goes from 41 to 71 but won't show the 1-31 needed. If you know how to change it, please answer.

Like Bentrods, I have had this thing for so long that I don't have the manual anymore.

Jay A.
August 2008
Be sure that the date in the upper right is showing and not the temperature (use lower right button to toggle btwn temp and date).

Then depress upper left button to enter set mode ( you'll see the seconds flashing). Keep depressing the lower left key as it will move the "flashing" mode from seconds to hrs, then mins, then months, then dates, and finally day-of-the week. Once here, while the day-of-the-week is flashing, use the lower right button to toggle to the day of the week you want. Then depress the upper left button again and your watch should stop flashing from adjmt mode back to real time mode.

If you know someone who is selling a ts-1200 in good order and/or know where to get replacement bands, pls reply. Thanks, Craig

July 2010

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