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how can i fix my hoover logic 1200?

hi my problem is my machine won't drain away the dirty water unless i lower the waste hose in to a bucket when i hear the pump starting to run. My problem began when i saw a small amount of water on the floor after a wash. i then discovered a small hole on the door seal and replaced it. but i still had a leak after further investigation i found a damaged sump hose and replaced it. i don't have any leaks now but i don't know if i have done something to cause this other problem i have also changed the pump but made no difference

john armour
October 2006
thanks phil i swoped wires on pump and the first rinse worked after that i had to lower the drain pipe again for the three remaining rinses

john armour
November 2006
hi john try changing the wires on the pump the other way round

phil grimshaw
October 2006

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