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Mercedes Sprinter problems, please help!?

I have a 53 plate sprinter 211 CDI. i am having alot of trouble getting it started. Ive had all my spark plugs replaced and heater coil. Dont know what the problem is, it starts fine until the temp dips to 0 or in the minus and then i can get it started for days. I have recharged battery and did everything i can think of to no avail. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks

January 2012
you need to have a leak off test done on your injectors. half hour job. remove the engine plastic cover. remove the leak off pipes, and clamp the far end with grip so you dont draw air. cut to around 3" 4 mcdonalds straws, and put them in your injector tops. undo the cam sensor plug so it wont start. whichever straw fills first will be your bad injector. there may be more than one.
guarantee this is the problem. dont waste your money on glow plugs, the cdi engine doesnt need them to start, its direct injection, theyre for smoking after start!

toolbox tony
March 2012

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