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Unlocking keypad?

I have a LGS310 yesterday the keypad locked + since then I cannot get it to unlock. I have tried taking out the battery + sim card That did not work. I phoned a LG representive who adviced me what to do. I followed his advice but the phone will still not unlock. I need my phone for my holiday next week to keep in touch with my mum so I cannot send it back even though it is still even warrently I will not get it back repaired in time. Anyone with advice how to do this This help will be greatly appriciated

October 2011
As you have done all that the LG rep said, phone faulty. They know their phones.
Have you thought about going to the shop of the network you are on? most have a high street shop, It is in their interest, for you to have your phone working. A lot, will give you a loan phone for holiday, might not be the same phone, At least you will have a phone.
Haggle a bit, you never know.

October 2011

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