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problem with a phone mh9915?

i have a model mh9915 that i haven't used in a extended time because i have moved to a new residence so the phone hasn't been in use for a couple of years . i have put a new battery in it but it doesn't get dial tone ; a red light is on for charging thou the battery is new .i tried calling the system that the phone is hooked up to but got nothing with my cell on this phone but did on other phones that are on this same system . i have lost the manual that came with the phone . i like this phone because it is cordless and because it was stored it is in new condition ,so i would like to put it back on line .
thank you for your time and what information you can help me with .i don't have the manual or the box i kept for so long

March 2011
I cannot figure out the setup you have, Cordless, no dial tone, Ok. what about calling the system that it is on? Are you calling the number that the phone is on? Is the phone 1 of several handsets? Charge light will be on, a new battery takes about 16 hrs to get to fully charged, recommended in instructions. New battery, will not make a hand set that is fault work, If other handsets on the system work, I would think hand set, could be a setup problem, where you need to scan for the base, BUT you would of had the same with the other handsets, More info is needed to go further

March 2011

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