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How can I fix my Asko Dryer 7305?

My Asko Dryer 7305 got hot and stopped. Is this just a fuse problem? If so, how do I change the fuse in my asko dryer 7305?

Marta Murray
December 2004
Whew!... My 7305 dryer stopped working and I changed both fuses, as well as a half burnt wire (fire Hazard)- It still would not work. I tried this reset switch (Didnt know it existed) and voilá! its working!!! Thank you!!!

October 2010
Press the reset button in center back of dryer (difficult to notice as it is rather flat, and covered by a black rubber enclosure). Always try this first... 9 out of 10 times, it is only THIS that is the problem.

Diligent Homeowner
September 2008
Be sure to check the lint screen--sometimes it can look clean but in fact the tiny pores will be full of lint. This will cause the machine to heat right up every time and trip the heat switch. Run it under water and scrub it clean. It's an easy fix.

August 2007
DO NOT override the fuses!!!! My ASKO dryer melted the fuses - they almost caught fire in June 04 and the repairman came and put in 5 amp larger fuses and the unit caught fire dec 8, 2004. Flames and all - had to use a fire extinguisher to get it out - no one wants to refund my money - ASKO just wants to repair it because it is still under warranty - I don't want the faulty unit in MY house!!! Jen NYS

January 2005
The fuse is in a fuse holder which is in an attached metal box on the right hand top back area. There are two. The fuses can be removed from the right hand back side. A short stubby screwdriver or possibly a dime is required to screw the cap of the fuse holder off. The fuse may be 'burnt' into the holder. Asco apparently has been recommending bypassing the fuse as this is a common problem - american wiring circuit breakers supposedly provide adequate protection. I have had three fuses burn out and it is now bypassed.

There is also a reset switch (button) on the back center which may just need to be pushed in and the fuses may be OK. My fuse always blew and the reset on the back never tripped.

Steve -
December 2004


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